Thursday 21 August 2014

iPads in class

iPADs inclass

iPads in class are great but as you know we used to have rulers and books that we write in but now we have iPads which is great for all subjects like reading,writing and maths. I think that iPads are all you need to do your work. iPads should be in classrooms to help with learning.

First of all google drive, you can write a story and then it can save for you also pages can help you with writing a story as well. It also has a spell checker and if your words are wrong you can go on word book and spell your words. Then it comes up with like ten different words.

Secondly popplet can help you by putting things step by step and all you need to do is when you think you are finished you have to name it. It also saves automatically for you and then you can put it on your blog with blogger. Which you have to push publish and it will go straight to your blog.

Thirdly on Aurasma you could do a video and put it on a name tag and put on a wall to show when someone comes into your room and when someone comes in they will be amazed.

I think that students should be able to use iPads in class.

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