Thursday 18 June 2015

On Sunday the 14th of June me and my family went up to Bell Block for ......Walking through the gate with butterfly's in my stomach. Worried about what might happen but excited at the same time. Looking around all that I could see was stacks of tyres and concert. Waiting for my turn with my family. My turn yes ……As I slip on my helmet my joy was building up inside me. I was like a jack-in-the-box waiting to jump out of my box. Tick tick waiting.’’ Now” he said.’’These are the rules no contact please and no bumping into each other’’. ‘’Ok”.”Ok”.” Now hop into your cars”. As he pulled rope to start the cars. My joy was even bigger. “ Ready you can go and you and finally you”. Brrrrrrmmm “ yay this awesome”. ‘’I’m right behind you Macllum”. “ Here I come ………at the end i did 30 laps and I did best lap in 24 seconds. it was fun going go karting.

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  1. Ebony This is a very descriptive piece of writing and i love the way you added the pitcher with it it made it even better. Your langue features stand out and they are very good.
    Caro room3