Friday, 4 December 2015

Wild pack of friends

Once there was three girls called Ebony, Abby and Lexi. These three were no ordinary girls they were villains in disguise and all three of them were sisters and witches that attended school each day to listen what was going on in the human world. Every night them and there 2 pet aliens Zariah the green little alien and Charlotte the tall purple alien would go to there happy and safe haunted house at least they thought it was.

But if you went up close you could see the creepiest place on earth standing right in front of you. With big black spiders as black as ash  hanging of the walls. Zombies with blood dripping from there arms chasing you out. Werewolves howling at the moon and all the bad things that you could imagine. In the deepest place of the deep dark forest.

School was boring from their point of view. They reckoned their teacher Miss Symes shouted at them like they were on the other side of the world or something. But there principal Harry was very nice even know they were bad. He let them have a two hour break and even free stuff from the cafeteria and even let them go home early from school. But they got in trouble a lot because they liked to bully Ivery you know that song ( Ebony and Ivory together with perfect harmony side by side playing the piano) and so and so on.

But one day someone busted there buttons and sure they let the world know who they were. Which is witches they were took to…………….

The other side of the deep dark forest and found the twists what are you doing here they asked spiceley the same thing like you well can we stay stay you three asked Mr Twit picking his nose yes but after a few years they grew old and fat and that the fat and that's the  story. 

By Ebony

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