Tuesday 11 March 2014


                                            The big black bug

"Arrrrrr"morning"what is that"! I looked around the room.I wonder if that is a bug.I ran to get the fly swatted 2 minutes later it was gone what was going on? I looked around the house it was no where to be seen.
I ran to see if it was in mcallums and lochies room.There it was the big,fat,hairy,black bug staring at me.I did not know that my brother mcallum had locked me in.I scemed"arrrrrrrrr""let me out let me out"
But then the big beast was skipping around and around.it was making me  dizzy just looking at it.I started scemedagain.i scemed  like a chimpanzee zee.finally it stopped and it stopped as well.Then that bug jumped into the curtains.
I creeped over wondering what it would it do.I was terrified or so I  had a chill down my spin.Then mcallum came in.I explained to him but I was still angry at him for locking me in.But when peeked behind the curtains it was dead.
At that moment I was so terrified. I could not say a word.


  1. Good writing Eb's - pretty scary stuff!

  2. I reckon that bug would have been as scared of you as well ebony cause you would have been making so much noise but I hate bugs as much as you do