Thursday, 22 May 2014

the horrors of the first day of school

Thomp thomp along the deck we go. I was worried like I whole heap of elephants stomping through the jungle. I took of my shoes of one foot on the door.Stomp stomp I walked in all the eyes were looking at me it was a horrid movie. I walked slow as a turtle. A big blue dress came towards me she said hello as quiet as a mouse.bang! All little orange and blue things came running towards me it was like a heap  of minions. For some thing was going on? They were running but where?I walked to the mat bang! I could see lot of little faces staring at me like little lizards eyes. I stranded up in front of everyone. They all said" hello Ebony " In a big silly way.I went to sit on the mat the day had began. What a creepy day.

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