Thursday 8 May 2014

The spooky maze

Stomp stomp I threw my token in to the box. I stepped onto the green gloomy stair case. I felt like I was a ghost. I pulled open the door creeeeek went the door. I walked up the path crash crash went the stones. I read the sign with red paint all over it, it said walk do not run. Twit-twoo it was the sound of an owl, that creeped  me out!

I ran as fast as I could it was an dead end. I ran down the other side and went around and  around the coner there was three more paths. This time the one I took was not a dead I carried on down the path

I kept going around in circles until I found the way through I went up the stairs that took for ever. I went down the bumpy slide it was cool fun. this was my experience at the big rock fun park in taupo.


  1. Great language features

  2. nice story.Make sure you go threw your post. nice langue features.

  3. Good job gypsy