Wednesday, 14 October 2015

My arts for calf and lamb day

These are my art work for our school calf and lamb day the first one is my obervational drawing.  Next is my photo. Then there is my clay sheep. Next a mode of our school mascot Piti the Po kako. Then a design for a new New Zealand flag. That is the 5 thing that we did


  1. HI Ebony

    I really liked your Art for Calf and Lamb Day. The on I liked the most was the Chain swore.

    Zariah. Room Three @ Auroa School

  2. I really like you school mascot and drawing art!!! The chain saw is very detailed and the mascot is very cute. I liked the other things you made too, but those were my favorite. Great job! --Evie :) Also, be sure to check out my blog @