Monday 11 April 2016

The colour fun run

Today me and my famliy and friends went up to New Plymouth to do the colour fun run. From Ngamutu  beach to East-In beach. It was a really great day and everyone enjoyed it. There were around about 1000 people doing it. I ended up running with my friend Lexi and we came 134th and 135th. My Nana and Poppa were there taking photos of us all covered in paint. The paint was made with flour and Resene paint. My most favourite part was people throwing paint at me. 


  1. Hey Ebony
    This sounds like a really cool event. I like how you have added a lot of photos about this event so the reader can really see whats happening. Maybe next time you could add some captions with names onto the pictures so the reader can tell who is who.
    -Ashleigh,Noah and Chris

  2. It sounds like you all enjoyed your colour run Ebony. I did the obstacle colour run in England last summer and I'm doing it again this year. Its lots of fun isn't it. The obstacle colour run isn't timed and everyone is set off in small waves so they are spaced out over the course. I liked being covered in paint too and having multicoloured trainers!

    Mrs Atherton
    Hopwood C P School, England