Wednesday 25 March 2015

The Dell

Hi my name is Ebony and I am going to be your tour guide for Auroa schools Dell.

Well the Dell used to be a forest then a ditch. But now it is a beautiful  Dell surrounded by trees,flax and other native  plant’s.

If you are wondering what a Dell is , it is a small valley.A valley is two mountains side by side and a little steam in between.

Do you know what is in the Dell? There are two stages, the first stage is shaped like a leaf and the second stage has all different shaped squares and a little bird house.

There are also swings and two playgrounds near it.Do you know who built it, it was the PTA and mr Chittenden. PTA stands for parent,teacher,association.

We can walk in the Dell on the path. We can also play on the stages and of course the swings.


  1. Ebony
    Great use of the photographs with your post, I think that it really helps with an explanation of your writing.
    Mr Webb

  2. Ebony
    Great explanation about the deal