Thursday 19 March 2015

The traithletes

On Wednesday the 18th of March. Room 3 from Auroa School travelled to Opunake Event Centre to meet three international athletes. They have come to New Zealand for a world cup triathlon, in New Plymouth. In each world cup you are only allowed 75 men and 75 women to participate in the event. The athletes names were Daniel,Roberto and Miriam. Roberto Miriam are brother and sister. Daniel speaks english and italian. Roberto's speaks some english and spanish. Miriam speaks some english and her native tongue is spanish. Do you know that their sponsors pay them for wearing their shoes, clothing and gear because some people may think it is cool and will go a buy it. Miriam’s true dream is to be a doctor. Daniel’s dream is to in the military. Roberto’s true dream is to do forestry and native science. They are studying and working to do this while they travel the world competing in triathlons. They have to train for 4-6 hours a day. Also they have to train on their birthday and christmas. Now I know that I should try my hardest at everything I do if I want to be good at something.

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