Saturday 4 April 2015

Cooking muffins in a box

At Girl Guides this week we did something really exciting we learnt how to cook muffins using a cardboard box.

To do this you will need the following equipment:

- a cardboard box
- tinfoil
- a foil dish with charcoal (or instant charcoal BBQ)
- matches
- 4x empty tin cans (same size)
- muffin tray
- muffin mix

1. Cut the flaps off the cardboard box. The bottom of the box will be the top of the oven. Cover the inside of the box completely with tinfoil, placing the shiny side out.

2. Fill a tinfoil dish with charcoal briquettes ( or use an ''instant'' charcoal BBQ). Use some empty cans to hold with the muffins well above the charcoal. Put these around the outside of the tinfoil dish.

3 Light the charcoal and let it get nice and hot place your dish with the muffins on top of the cans once it has burnt down to the hot embers.

4 Put the cardboard box ''oven'' over the top to keep the heat in just like an oven. Prop up one end of the box with a stone to provide the air charcoal needs to burn-or cut air vents along lower edge of the oven.

The muffins didn't take much longer than a normal oven to cook and were very yummy to eat!


  1. Ebony,

    Your procedural writing is full of details. As I was reading, I was able to visualize each step. This was especially true, as you explained why one should prop up an end of the box.

    Have you thought about comparing and contrasting both cooking processes (e.g., conventional oven vs. cardboard oven)? I hope to hear your predictions soon!


    Ms. Vidal

    P.S. I'm craving a muffin now!

  2. Ebony
    Great post - I really think that you've put a huge amount of work into the writing which has been great to see. It also meets a couple of other pieces of criteria that we talked about, I think its really creative and interesting post and you've got some fantastic photographs that go with it. Wonderful.
    Mr Webb

  3. Hi Ebony! I thought I was first to leave you a comment last week. I am not sure what happened to the comment but in short, it was that you had inspired me to give this a go! Last weekend, we camped out and give your muffin technique a go! I din't think they were all cooked through but I have to a big thanks! Warm muffins freshly baked in a fire ban area was pretty special!