Thursday 2 April 2015

my information report about the area

Welcome my name is Ebony and i am writing an information report about the area and facts about it to. Like New Zealand and more. Come and explore.

First is Auroa School South Taranaki. Do you know how many students go to Auroa School ? There is 198 and altogether there is 600 including the parents. Auroa School mascot is Pori the pukeko. Piri has a back pack and in it , it has a bat that stands for sports and a Robot stands for Robotics. There is also a moise its a computer mouse and there is also keys a purple and green and blue and yellow and red.

Next is Auroa the area. But there is not a whole lot of stuff around but there is sandfords and a little bit of houses and of course the school. Auroa the area is a farming community.

Hawera there is 800 people live in Hawera South Taranaki. In Hawera there is a race course. Also there is a water tower. They built the water because there was a tribe and the tribe lived near Hawera and there was another tribe lit there village on fire and killed them all. Thats why they built the water tower.

Opunake in Opunake there is 2000 people that live there. There is a statchu that is outside the library . he is a gold medalist. he got a gold medal and his name is Peter snout.
In New Plymouth there is 73,800 people. In New Plymouth there is a ware. A ware is where lots of boats go into the sea like fishing boats and more.

Taranaki there is 109,700 people. The biggest town is Taranaki is New Plymouth.

New Zealand there is 4.471 million people live there. The biggest town in New Zealand is Auckland. The native animal for New Zealand is the Kiwi.

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